Human Resource and Training

With broad connection with the people in the industries we serve, we help look for the candidates for your job vacancies in the APAC region, from R&D, product management, engineering to marketing and sales people in fiber optics communication business. Working with us, you will have chance to meet the candidates specialized in the specific areas you require, and the universal HR agents may never get acquaintance with.

In many scenarios, customers have seen the lack of understanding of products, projects and expected route to achieve the targets from customers or suppliers in the APAC region, which lead to quality concerns from misunderstanding, poor performance or unexpected results. These could be due to the business cultural differences and lack of basic training towards the customers or suppliers in the region. UCTEC would fully understand clients’ requirements and product details, provide training courses towards clients’ customers or suppliers in the APAC region, based on clients’ requirements or source materials upon specific products, applications and subjects.