Frequently Asked Questions

Things you may want to know about management consulting and UCTEC.

Why do you need a management consulting partner?

As a company, there are limitations relying on internal source alone to promote products and brand name to an overseas market, manage suppliers and projects, solve critical problems in terms of distance, time and cultural difference, communication efficiency and cost.

When issues arise, a management consulting partner can help diagnose the issues, find out the right business partners overseas, offer cost-effective solutions, implement the on-going projects smoothly, tremendously save your cost and time more than applicable consulting fees.

Why a management consulting partner is helpful amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

For supply chain planners the increasingly difficult balancing of demand and supply in the VUCA world (VUCA = acronym for variability, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) is becoming a hard-to-achieve goal amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In most areas demand is plummeting due to government regulations and corresponding store closures, consumer uncertainty and production stops. In other areas (e.g. medical accessories) demand and prices are exploding. Planners are overloaded with firefighting activities while facing availability constraints due to illness, remote work or missing childcare. 

It’s hard to predict when the demand will become stable, your overseas suppliers may have changed their strategies and processes to stay alive, rather than stay healthy. As the traveling ban is going on, it’s difficult to monitor and manage your suppliers and the ambiguity enlarges much bigger than before. A management consulting partner helps clients have greater visibility into the supply chains.

Why is it important to audit a cable assembly house?

Fiber cable assembly process is quite different from electronics print circuit board assembly, which largely reply on automated machines. Human factors weigh heavily in the process and the quality of fiber optics products. It is crucial to evaluate and monitor the skills of the operators and give them guidance on systematic process as much as possible, to ensure the consistency of the product quality. UCTEC provides professional evaluation process and advices based on international standards on process control.

We conduct different kinds of manufacturing audits to ensure the supplier’s factory meets your standards and requirements in different aspects. We provide a holistic evaluation of the supplier’s policies, documents, procedures and records to assess suppliers’ ability to deliver a consistent and sustainable quality performance to your organization.

Why work with us on supply chain management ?

The benefits UCTEC offers to clients on supply chain management include, but not limited to:

√ Get access to a broad range of high-quality suppliers in the APAC region.
√ Benefit from our verification, evaluation processes as well as experiences
√ Lower your costs and risks on searching and valuating new suppliers.
√ Enhance competitiveness with reasonable prices on purchasing optics products.
√ Ensure your project implanted in the desired way.
√ Reduce your time to travel, inspect and audit.


UCTEC does consulting business in the fiber optics communication industry where we have abundant resources, sufficient experiences and deep level of understanding in the APAC region. We continuously help our clients manage and optimize their supply chain, establish and develop their businesses, obtain essential market information to support decision making in the APAC region. Our team members are the experts in the areas where we provide services.

Rather than cooperating with a general consulting company, our clients get the direct-to-core consulting services in the fiber optics communication industry from UCTEC, where they expect their consulting partners to have proper understanding on the technologies, products, projects and business modes, who can provide reliable support and reduce clients’ operational costs in the region. Our professional and knowledgeable staff represents the interest of our clients in the targeted markets and business sections, we are dedicated to protect the interests and reduce business risks for our clients in the APAC region.