About Us

UCTEC Co,Limited is an operational consulting company with headquarters in Hong Kong.

Who are we?

UCTEC Co., Ltd. is an operational consulting company with headquarters in Hong Kong.

We are dedicated to helping global clients manage their supply chain and establish business footprint in the APAC ( Asia-Pacific ) region, making their existence more transparent, easier to control and resilient in the region throughout the pandemic.


We utilize the consulting expertise and supply chain management experiences to help global clients increase visibility, reduce cost and improve efficiency on the supply chain.

We integrate local resources to help global clients participate in the growth and development of the APAC market, as well as manage business risks.

Amid the pandemic while business traveling is limited, our oriented services would help you see what you seek.

We focus on Fiber Optics Communication industries with applications in Enterprise Network, Data Center, 5G infrastructure and etc.

Our Goal

We are focused in fiber optics communication industry, which allows us to be dedicated and devoted to clients’ needs.

In the APAC region, the supply chain is vast and complex, though can also be opaque.
The market is increasing faster than ever, though hard to locate and start from scratch.

Our mission is to provide problem-solving and cost-effective consulting services to make it easy for our clients to initiate business and improve supply chain transparency and performance.

With the well-designed processes, we help clients see the intrinsic nature of the target markets, supply chain and business trend in the APAC region.

Our Value

Integrity, Commitment and Creativity are our shared values. At UCTEC we focus on revealing the reality of the supply chain and market status, dedicating to the requirements from our customers and opening our mind to embrace new technologies and solutions.

Our success relies on how these values are forged into our inner capabilities and presented to the clients. We are eager to learn and grow together with our clients by providing tailored solutions and solving clients’ issues. The people working for us and with us are the best value we keep and trust.

      Meet   Our   Team

Founder & Principal Consultant

Robert Wu started his career in procurement and supply chain management, his leadership was proved in an early career stage managing the purchasing teams from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In 2009, he set up the branch office and launched businesses in China for a startup company in electronic component business with headquarters in New York, now becomes as a leader in the business globally.

In 2015, he made a shift to a prestigious company with world-leading fiber optics interconnect technologies in North Carolina, United States – US Conec Co., Ltd., took over the sales responsibilities in APAC region after 2 years of learning and adapting to a brand-new business mode for himself. After working with and visiting hundreds of cable assembly manufacturers, cable system makers, data center designers, he established a solid network of the people in the business development and supply chain in United States and APAC region.

He has been through official training on the termination processes of MTP/MPO, PRIZM LightTurn®, MXC® connectors by US Conec training lab. His consultancy life begins from working with several CAH manufacturers before founding UCTEC Co., Ltd.

Principal Consultant – Lean Operations Management

Dr. Hawk Cheng has been a veteran in SCM practices and consultancy. After getting his PHD in Industrial Engineering in Taiwan National Tsing Hua University, he spent 10 years in the University mentoring college students as a professor. He began his enterprise career in a listed company in Taiwan as VP of operations, implemented and developed the Lean Operation System from theory to practices, which helped the enterprise increase revenue by 50% and profit by 75% compared to the fiscal year before he was aboard. With the successes gained in different enterprises, he began to do consulting job towards various industries and manufacturers on supply chain management and Lean Operation.

His experiences in optics communication were significantly successful as well. He used to consult and act as VP of operations for several cable assembly manufacturers, mentored and guided more than a thousand of quality staff, procurement managers, application engineers and assembly operators. His work was highly trustworthy and respected.

In UCTEC, Dr. Cheng will be engaged in utilizing his experiences and expertise to help customers manage their supply chain, improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity, as to reduce cost as well as improve quality for the customers. Below companies are a few examples that Dr Cheng has consulted on lean operations.