~News from ICCSZ, 2020/05/15

Nokia today announced that it has signed two contracts for data center Internet (DCI) network solutions with Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Baidu. Tencent and Baidu will further strengthen their close partnership with Nokia to build a software defined DCI infrastructure. This will be able to provide Tencent and Baidu with the dynamic and large-scale optical network they need, and effectively support their growing cloud operations.

Tencent and Baidu are among the top four Internet companies in China. Baidu ranks first in search engines, while Tencent is a leader in social media and online games. They have large-scale cloud data centers at home and abroad to support their global business. To connect their huge data centers all over the world, they must use ultra-high bandwidth optical networks and software defined networks (SDNS) to ensure that they can respond quickly to the changing cloud services.

Chinese Internet companies support hundreds of millions of consumers in online shopping, searching for information, sharing photos and online games. Nokia Internet class DCI solution is based on 1830 psi of large capacity Modular DC Internet optical network equipment and supported by Nokia PSE photon business engine. The solution is helping Chinese Internet companies run edge cloud applications more efficiently, such as industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous driving. Nokia DCI and SDN solutions maximize capacity and agility, while simplifying and automating key operational functions, helping to reduce costs.

As a global leader in the DCI market, Nokia solutions are used by many large enterprises in the fields of finance, healthcare, government, energy, transportation, consumption and industry to support business and mission critical applications.

“We will continue to advance our partnership with the Internet industry in China,” said Markus Bochet, chief executive of Nokia bell in Shanghai. We not only have a leading DCI product portfolio and innovative optical transmission and SDN controller technology, but also have strong R & D capabilities, global supply chain and agile service team. The new contracts signed with Baidu and Tencent will further consolidate our position in China’s Internet industry market, and we are confident that we will continue to flourish in China in the next few years.