As a third-party service company, UCTEC’s product and process management solutions ensure the visibility of overseas clients on the concerned products and processes, eliminate vague expressions and coverup on specific details or data which may cause product failure, show the real status of the suppliers’ manufacturing conditions, as well as advise on the key procedures to improve yield after termination and stability upon installation.

It’s imperative for manufacturers to inspect goods before shipment, although there are risks embedded not inspecting goods when you receive the goods. The inspection on receiving site requires equipment setup as well as much time and cost. As a third-party consultant, we provide onsite inspection at the manufacturers, our report reveals the real status of the goods and testing data after the inspection. It lowers the quality risk substantially with very limited cost.

UCTEC provides professional and detailed inspection reports in order to:
 Identify defects early and reduce associated rework and return costs.
 Minimize the number of defective products, improve production yield by your suppliers.
 Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products.
 Detect products containing non-standard or non-compliant components.

UCTEC provides in-process inspection as well as pre-shipment inspection services upon your request.