Ever since the project started in your overseas contractor, from the very beginning planning stage till the shipment of goods, there are many aspects that things may go wrong and lead to a different direction rather than what the clients expect. To minimize the risks, as well as ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality, hiring a trust-worthy consultant would be considered by many clients as an optimal option. With abundant experiences involved in many hyper-scale data center projects, UCTEC has the expertise and capabilities to monitor a project from the start to end for overseas customers.

We review the planning, design, development at every stage of the process to ensure that challenges are identified at an early stage and dealt with efficiently. We provide you with the objective advices to realize your project aims.

Our project monitoring service can help you:

– Obtain in-time, authentic status information on the aspects of the project that clients concern, such as the details of engineering, production, quality and delivery. The information keeps you synchronized with the project, allow you to make decisions effectively.
– Report the potential risks or weakness on the supplier side to assure the quality of the on-going project, send recommendations in order to correct specific actions or procedures on the supplier side.
– Monitor and help the project adheres to the original schedule and completes in time and according to budget limit, send alert if it doesn’t meet the plan and report possible delays and cost overruns.
– Make sure the project complies with local and international regulations and quality standards.