A manufacturing supplier can make or break your supply chain. In order to run your business smoothly you need to make sure that your suppliers meet the standards and requirements in the whole period of time cooperating with you. Therefore, Auditing suppliers regularly should be a must for the business to run smoothly.

We conduct different kinds of manufacturing audits to ensure the supplier’s factory meets your standards and requirements in different aspects. We provide a holistic evaluation of the supplier’s policies, documents, procedures and records to assess suppliers’ ability to deliver a consistent and sustainable quality performance to your organization.

Quality Management System Audit
UCTEC provides QMS audit according to the globally recognized QMS standard ISO 9001. Based on the ISO 9001 audit requirements, we will perform a detailed and objective analysis to identify the maturity of Quality Management System being implemented in the supplier factory. We will provide you an extensive assessment of the factory capabilities, skills, and the overall management system of the factory.

Social compliance Audit
The social compliance audit assessment focuses on evaluating health and safety, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, compensation, management practices, forced labor, freedom of association and child labor laws.

Environmental Compliance Audit
UCTEC offers factory environmental audits that focus on evaluating your supplier’s ability to manage their impact on the environment. The auditing standard associated with supplier environmental compliance is ISO 14001.

Security Compliance Audit
UCTEC offers security audit that focuses on evaluating your manufacturer’s security policies and measures. The audit provides essential information for managing the security of your production, products and tooling at the supplier factory. This often involves assessing their HR processes, personnel security, facility access control and container control in place.

Manufacturing Process Audit
UCTEC’s Manufacturing Process Audit focuses on assessing the specific production/assembly lines for producing/assembling your products. It will assess the quality practice of a product from incoming material throughout every stage of the production process, including material handling, in-process quality controlling, outgoing QA and warehousing.
We will provide a thorough manufacturing audit report which consists of UCTEC’s risk recommendations, onsite observations, performance score and high-resolution photos. The report will be presented to your supply chain and quality professionals to make decisions on improving your suppliers’ performance on manufacturing.

In addition to audits, UCTEC provides factory consulting and corrective action management based on the initial factory audit assessment with an aim to improve supplier performance. We then regularly follow up to verify and validate corrective actions.

Many of our clients have their own supplier audit process checklists, if you want us to use your checklist or combine the compliance requirements for a more customized process to conduct a deep dive on suppliers’ performance or conformance, we can assist to establish a customized checklist as required.