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We expand your vision and extract business insights of the APAC market.
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Our consulting services are structured to address your end-to-end business needs.
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About Us

UCTEC Co., Limited is an operational consulting company with headquarters in Hong Kong. We focus on utilize our expertise to help global clients set up business footprint, strategically outsource, manage supply chain and acquire market intelligence in the APAC ( Asia-Pacific ) region. Our professional and proficient services help our clients expand business influence, reduce cost, improve supply chain performance, obtain essential market intelligence before making strategic decisions. We focus on Fiber Optics Communication industries, we work for the clients doing businesses in Enterprise Network, Data Center, 5G infrastructure.Learn more about us.

Our Services

With abundant experiences in supply chain management and business establishment working for overseas companies in the APAC region, UCTEC offers series of executive advisory services specifically tailored to the needs of business development, operation and procurement executives, which include strategic sourcing, supply chain management/optimization, market entry analysis and business establishment, human resources and training, as well as customized solutions that solve customers’ targeted issues.

Strategic Sourcing

With abundant experiences visiting cable assembly manufacturers and structured cabling providers, we know the core capabilities and competencies of your potential suppliers in the APAC region.


Supply Chain Management

We increase visibility and transparency to your supply chain and provide a series of consultancy services to manage and optimize your supply chain, our goal is to help you achieve success.


Market Entry and Analysis

As the expert in the region, we expand your vision and provide your insights on the APAC market, which formulate the critical components for decision making and strategy implementation.

Human Resources and Training

Working with us, you will have chance to meet the candidates specialized in the specific areas you need, who would seldomly be got acquaintance by the other HR agents.

years experiences of expertise in business establishment and development for US companies in the APAC region

on-site visiting towards the assembly lines in the cable assembly and optical device manufacturers

connections with the cable assembly manufacturers, structured cabling companies and equipment makers in the APAC region

Why a management consulting partner is helpful amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

For supply chain planners the increasingly difficult balancing of demand and supply in the VUCA world (VUCA = acronym for variability, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) is becoming a hard-to-achieve goal amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s hard to predict when the demand will become stable, your overseas suppliers may have changed their strategies and processes to stay alive, rather than stay healthy. As the traveling ban is going on, it’s difficult to monitor and manage your suppliers and the ambiguity enlarges much bigger than before. A management consulting partner helps clients have greater visibility into the supply chains.


UCTEC does consulting business in the fiber optics communication industry where we have abundant resources, sufficient experiences and deep level of understanding in the APAC region. We continuously help our clients manage and optimize their supply chain, establish and develop their businesses, obtain essential market information to support decision making in the APAC region. Our team members are the experts in the areas where we provide services.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff represents the interest of our clients in the targeted markets and business sections, we are dedicated to protect the interests and reduce business risks for our clients in the APAC region.

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